Tuesday, October 9, 2012


SHINee have found a really good spot in the very lucrative Japanese market. They have so far released three version of their previous Korean singles and they have all been very successful in the land of Sayonara. But they obviously know they can't keep giving the Japanese people the rehash versions so they went ahead and released the best song since...well their last release (sorry lack of examples over there!)

SHINee have gone pop, like legit pop. "Dazzling Girl" is a very Top 40 friendly single with just the right amount of new synths to make it sounds like a completely different type of song. It's described as a Dutch / Euro / Electro track and that is pretty much on point.

I will be very honest with you all, I did not like the song at first. It was a little too happy for me but like always, SHINee releases an epic addicting video and I'm back on my knees. "Dazzling Girl" video opens a bit slow, giving us an insider on the "Dazzling Girl" and her ugly past. Well I'm here for Taemin and Key to be honest and this video has a shit ton of both. 

Let's talk about Taemin. Taemin gets the first actual lines in the song (which has never happened until now as Johnhyun usually takes the first lines) anyway, whoever injected talent into my hubby Taemin is a genius because he has really improved from his "Replay" days. Teamin for me steals the show. He looks the most charismatic, he's the best dancer, and soon to be the best vocalist, a bitch can dream can she? 

Now Key. Key's looking super adorable in this video even though I don't like his haircut. It's way too short and safe. Key has had some serious do's before and this is a bit of a step-down but all of that aside let's talk about the rapping cuz homegurl (Key) is back at rapping. I thought it was gonna be a one-off stunt ("Sherlock") but they are really making him rap again and I couldn't be happier! Minho is a great rapper but because of the dance moves being so quick; sometimes he loses his breath and brings down the performance epicness a bit. But by having Key rap again, it eliminates that issue. 

The choreography is pretty awesome as to be expected from SHINee. The facial expressions during the "Ay ay ay" kill me, just sit on my face already! 

Also, I find this song to be really really catchy now. Maybe it's because it's in Japanese and Japanese just sounds catchier / easier to sing along to / pronounce / I love saying Kokoro. 

Japan is where the real moolah is at so yall skanks better get used to Japanese singles from our favorite KPOP stars.


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