Thursday, October 11, 2012


The loudest and raunchiest bitch in Australia is back with Richard to tell the world she wants to be stripper. "When It Feels This Good" is an anthem for all sluts all over the world who want to "make it dirty". Luciana isn't changing one bit, she's still shouting most of the lyrics, being a complete hoe and saying her man wants her to "suck up (his) swagger"

In a world where everyone is either sad, hearbroken or just partying like a stupid hoe, it's nice to see people still make raunchy tunes about oral sex, maybe I'm just attracted to songs about oral sex.

"Come on make it dirty, dripping on my headlight, lay your swagger on me" for those virgins out there, she wants him to cum on her. Not only that but he wants her to suck up his swagger (dick). Luciana shouts "when it feels this good nothing can get any better" under an aggressive beat telling us all that her man can really lay it down in bed and that's it's the best (oral) sex she's had... or given.

I'm so sick of this girl not being famous, she would give Rihanna a run for her money in the US if US radio actually gave her a chance. She's hotter than most of the girls on the charts right now..and I really just want her to suck up my swagger to be honest.

I posted the video for it a bit ago, but it's not until now that we have an official HQ version of the song (at least me, I might be a little behind on this one). Anyway, rewatch Luciana be a total roller skate slut.

Buy "When It Feels This Good" on iTunes now! Let's give Luciana her first US hit people. I wanna bump and grind to this shit when I'm heading to work and wanting some dirty tunes on the radio!

Luciana, baby, once I get a couple more dollar bills, I sure will give you a call and test out your stripper moves.

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