Monday, September 24, 2012


G-Dragon's new single "Crayon" is like Nicki Minaj raped Psy and then Rihanna gave birth to it. It's got everything that makes a single amazing, it has charisma, it has the repetitive lyrics, the crazy video but for some reason... it just sucks. 

G-Dragon is really trying to ride the Psy dick-train by releasing this "funny, cute and crazy" video where he dresses up like a woman, has crazy outfits and crazy hair, yeah yeah yeah... it didn't work. It looks stale, it looks like you ran out of ideas and you just went for whatever is popular, which brings me to the Nicki Minaj part of this video. G-Dragon, you don't have to act like a crazy bitch to get more views on YouTube, your debut solo single "Heartbreaker" was amazing and it didn't resort to these stupid stunts. 

The single itself isn't that bad, I really like the hook, of course I'd like the hook. It's the most exciting thing about this song and that is just sad. GD is usually really good at producing and writing lyrics but it just seems that he kept the worst songs for himself (let's not talk about the fiasco known as "One of a Kind")

Anyway, that's all I really have to say about this video, oh wait no there's one last thing... G-Dragon looks good in drag, go ahead gurl, show us that ass again *repeat*

Swasha, swasha.

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