Wednesday, October 17, 2012


For the longest time there has been a huge buzz around the male Wonder Girls idol group. Wonder Boyz are a manufactured group from (insert label I don't care about here). For some reason I'm interested in giving them a chance, mainly because SHINee, Big Bang and Super Junior aren't releasing any Korean goods any time soon and let me tell you I am impressed.

Unlike the Wonder Flops, Wonder Boyz actually has a bit of an attitude. I mean just look at their cover art, can you say riske and a little gay? ME LOVES! They premiered their music video for "Open the Door" yesterday as well as releasing their first mini-album of the same name.

Let's watch the video together! 

Ok, I paused the video @1:03 because so much shit is happening!!! So this is a circus themed video, which is cute! The boy with the afro wig has my vote for President of the USA based on his afro alone. He's fierce, he's cute, he's got swag, and an AFRO WIG, how can you top that? So far I am loving the sound, it's got a little of "Lovey Dovey" in it with a hint of hip-hop, or at least what SK calls hip-hop. I like it, it's got funk and fun in it. Now let's press play and hope the rest of this video is just as good as the first minute.

Is that Aladdin? I thought you were in a circus! I love it!!! And those jackets with the tacky WB logo all over them, ME WANTS!!! Ok so now we're back in the circus? Man, these guys are just errwhere! Oh no gurl don't drop the apples, didn't you hear T-Ara's song? Apple is A+! Oh no they didn't!! They totally did the horse dance with their own little plagarism twist!! INVENTIVE! Oh fuck now they're zombies?? Is this "Lovey Dovey" in Egypt? Oh no! They're playing that game when they make a pyramid and people circle around it. GENIUS! I totally get it, Aladdin, Egypt, Pyramid, Yu Gi Oh! 

I fucking love this video, I want to wear it!!!! I would wear this video, I would wear it in a second! It's cute, it's fun, it's crazy and I just want that afro wig, I would wear that afro wig in a faster second than I would wear that video! I would wear that video and that wig in a second, what's wrong? I would wear it in a second!

*If you don't get my "I would wear" joke watch this video @2:45*

Also give the EP a listen, it's a great EP. I love every single song.

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