Monday, October 15, 2012


Since 2009, my life has been incomplete. Girls Aloud took a "one year hiatus" that turned into 3 years of self-hate and desperation. But thanks to the God known as Xenomania (and the Polydor contract they have) the best thing since Queen Elizabeth (1st) is happening in four days... well today. Girls Aloud's rumored comeback single leaked... and it made me jizz so hard my body is weak and shaking. 

With Girls Aloud you never know what you're getting. One day they're Pop, the next they have pigs as the background in one of their songs. "Something New" is a hit, it has hit written all over it. The intro is fucking brilliant

"Go girls go go go go
We girls gonna take controlYou boys better know know knowWe girls gonna run this show"

 - it's "Something Kinda Ooooh" 2012 and it's so good! 

This is a statement single as well, as sung in the song "We are the leaders of the pack" and yes they are. The song is very top 40, electro but it still has that Girls Aloud attitude that has always set them apart. The drums, the aggressive drums are a nice touch I wasn't expecting.

*Edit, official HQ audio thanks to their official YouTube channel*

Xenomania have outdone themselves. This song proves that you can be radio friendly and current without having to sacrifice originality. I'm also biased as fuck when it comes to the Devine fivesome... but this song is seriously fucking amazing. 

My miserable life finally has a meaning again!!!!

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