Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The racist and anti-racists of the USA are going nuts over Die Antwoord's new music video "Fatty Boom Boom". The music video premiered last night and it was seriously interesting. People are asking for Yolandi's head on a stick right now. She is seen with full black paint on, a candy wrapper dress & accessories and yellow eyes with dollar signs on them, in the same video she also sports a full on white face body paint not once, but twice, but of course no one cares about that because black people never painted their faces white during the 50s.

Let's look at black face vs. costume.

Black FACE

*Notice how his FACE is painted, not his entire body*


*Notice how Rihanna's entire body is painted black / silver, and she's also naked so you probably overlooked that years ago*

As you can see, Yolandi is full on body paint, just like Rihanna did in her video for Umbrella, but of course Rihanna is black / caribbean so it's OK for her to paint her entire body black as long as she is sexy. Whereas Yolandi took the "weird" route, she is called a racist and her outfit is "blackface" My main problem with this is that people are projecting their own racism and insecurities on something that's just an outfit.  Yolandi didn't just have that outfit, she also had an outfit where most of her body was painted white with random red stripes over it.

But of course, it's a white girl with white paint on her, it's Ok. Now tell me how this isn't hypocritical? I get that blackface was a huge issue in the 50s and 60s in the US... but as the name says it, it's black FACE. Why are you guys making a huge deal out of this? If it was a black guy with white paint on his FACE, yall would be like "that's not racist" In a world where everyone is trying to be equal and fair; wouldn't it be fair for whiteface to get some love as well and be condemned racist? Come on now, don't be hypocrites.

Now let's all watch the music video and focus on the real reason this video was made... which is to call Lady GaGa a tranny.

*me right now tbh* 

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