Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The Queen of the USA has released another promo single for her much anticipated (by earth) new album "Red" (out Oct. 22nd in the US). The new promo single is titled "I Knew You Were Trouble" and let me tell you, I love it when she fucks up because she makes epic songs about it.

Last time Taylor admitted she was at fault was on her masterpiece "Back to December" when she told the world she was a big ass cunt to Taylor Lautner and that she broke his heart and how she regretted it. I mean come on! Have you seen him? She lost big time. 

Well "I Knew You Were Trouble" takes us on another time of her life when she knew the guy was bad for her but she was a stupid (and economically savvy) young woman who ignored that he was a badass boy (because she knew she'd make a killer song off of it and sell it to the masses) The song doesn't have that many lyrics (that I remember) All I remember is shaking my black ass booty to this damn beat being like "yeah boo, get that beat, get that synth, oompth oompth give it to me Taylor, just take my money!!!!" 

The song is flawless, lyrics-less, and masterpiece-ful. Especially the part where she goes "oh! oh!" how does she come up with this!??!! I want her brain, now. 

This song needs to get the single treatment so I can blast it in my car and have people sing along to it being like "yeah boo, get that beat, get that synth...." oh wait I already used that joke... oh well JUST TAKE MY MONEY TAYLOR! TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I better see your skank ass in line at Walmart / Target / e-line for iTunes this October 22nd... or else I'll ask Taylor to write a song about how horrible you guys are.

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