Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have been shaking and crying over this song since it premiered. I love the falsetto (that they probably will never sing live) and I love that Nathan is the lead for once and I loved their video for it until I "FOUND" (horrible joke) out that it was about a stupid key.
This video somehow got the Parental Guidance and I can't explain this better than this

that wink from nathan was the reason for parental guidance

Throughout the entire video they go around trying to find this woman they met at a dance, Nathan's all "I must find me girlfriend" and some random guy has her tied down, which looks sexy as fuck btw. Well, the girl is being held in some random ranch... long story short, Nathan & the pack kick some asses and when you think Nathan has found the love of his fabulous life...all he wants is a key to some random treasure hidden under water. As if the bitch wasn't rich enough already...

*Nathan to treasure box*
I found you in a girl's boot, then I went to the river, I asked my servants to get you out, then I stuck the key inside you, that's how I found you you you, I found you you you


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