Friday, April 27, 2012


The Queen of Latin Pop just premiered the visual for her new English single "Boys Will Be Boys." 
There is so much happening in this video that if you blink once, you miss an epic moment, and I LOVE IT! This is probably the funnest, most original S&M concept video to date by any female pop star. I don't know what I love the most, the fat guys dressed as babies, the girls paintballing that Asian dude, the lesbian hookers, the blindfolded gay dancers, or Paulina whipping the "suave" guy.  

I'm glad Paulina is finally making her decade-too-late return to the English market and that accent is sounding sexier than ever. That Mexican/Spaniard lisp is doing wonders for this raunchy chica!

Funny though, with all the mimics this video is projecting, the auto-tune and the generic RedOne production, you kinda forget that Paulina is actually a vocally talented SINGER and one of Mexico's most famous exports. But hey, its' main target is Amerrrca, and y'all know we don't like modesty.

We need to make this a massive hit because I need to see this bitch mop the stage with your favez tears!

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