Thursday, April 26, 2012


My favorite super girl group T-ARA are set to make their Japanese comeback (should it even be called a comeback? They just released Roly Poly (Japanese Ver.) like 3 weeks ago) Anyway, 7-Ara are hoping to repeat the success the original song had in South Korea in the land of the rising sun.

I am one of the few that likes this version. One, because Jiyeon finally has some time off the screen, I love her but girl needs some rest. Two, Qri looks fierce, but, when doesn't she? Three, someone, in CCM land decided to FINALLY give Boram more than one line. Poor girl must have been pretty worried seeing as how the totalitarian CEO at CCM confirmed that if the current members don't step it up (even more) that they could say bye bye to T-ARA.

I won't even bother trash talking the cheap editing / set for the video. Seriously CCM, the only group that makes you moolah and you let them release this cheap video?

"Lovey Dovey (Japanese Version)" will be released in Japan this May 23rd followed by their first Japanese version album "Jewelry Box" which will be released June 6th, 2012 including TWO (not three of four) original Japanese songs. I know I'm saving all my pennies for this, because you better believe I am going to be exporting the sh*t outta all the release and re-releases this album will have.

Now time to watch "Lovey Dovey"and dance til our feet scream "no more shuffle!"

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