Sunday, April 29, 2012


The sexy Aussie twins have confirmed the album is to be released this June/July with the first single being released soon. They have performed a handful of new tracks on their small LA gigs, I haven't paid attention to them to be honest, I am going to wait til the single is released. I've waited almost four years for this comeback, another couple of weeks won't kill me. As expected, in order to build anticipation for the comeback they have been pretty quiet about the whole project, but, their friend, collaborator and ex-lover, Bill was kind enough to give us something to hold on to.

“I play guitar on one song. There’s this really great track they have that’s probably going to be the opening track. I don’t know what they’re going to call it; it was tentatively called I’m a Veronica. I know it sounds funny but there’s strange aggressive rapping on it so in the middle of the song it breaks down in to a kinda heavy metal song with a super demonic Black Sabbath type riff"

It seems they have gone back to their original sound... and made it even angrier. If that is true I hope the album sounds more like "Mother Mother" on a Xanax withdrawal. I want anger, I want revenge, I want them to put every rock band to shame.

They uploaded a couple of pictures from the studio, and I gotta say, my skinny bitches are looking all sorts of FIERCE!

(Caption: Oh are you waiting on me to lay down my flawless vocals and slay every irrelevant bitch in this universe? Well, hold on cuz I'm not done with my duck lips yet...)
*Jessica for President 2012 tbh*

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