Monday, April 30, 2012


Girls' Generation's (aka SNSD) first subunit have unleashed the visual for their first smash single as a trio. The EP where the single is taken from has already taken the top spot in all Korean digital music stores as well as iTunes all over the world, reaching #2 on the Top 10 Albums chart proving that their American fan base is getting stronger.  In the video you see GG's hottest 1/3 walking around, strutting their expensive and  glamourous dresses and demanding all the attention from the poor, but yet, oh so sexy paparazzi.

After the trio makes the grand entrance, you start seeing all the fabulousness that comes when you're part of the biggest Asian group. You see all the sexy girls catering to them while they effortlessly shatter every basic bitch in the world. 
I gotta give it up to SM, they completely nailed this one. From the outfits, the set, the choreography, and the lyrical arrangement. I was a bit worried that one would get more lines than the others but they gave each girl the same amount of lines, ad-libs and overall spotlight.  The video does its job fantastically well, because it takes the not so expected KPop gem and makes it into a masterpiece in a sexy, yet playful and appropriate way. I was not very keen of the song when it premiered but...after seeing this video... twinkle, twinkle eojjeona?

My favorite part of the entire video is... every scene Taeyeon is in to be completely honest. She looks fabulous and out of all of them, she demands the spotlight without being bitchy about it or completely overstepping on any of them. And for some reason I could not keep my eyes off her smile. Her sparkly whites have yet to meet a flaw.

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