Saturday, April 28, 2012


If you like boy idol groups over girl idol groups then this is your week. And South Korea's Music Core! seems to be the place to be at if you want the hottest new singles.

Shall we commence? 

The baby faced group are back with "DORADORA." Now, I've never truly liked U-Kiss, mainly because of their name, U-Kiss, really? The song is not catchy at all, the chorus is weak, and the bits of English lyrics don't match the actual Korean ones. After all of that, I still decided it'd be great to see the music video (link here). And then my obsession kicked in. The choreography reminds me of Super Junior, and that's a good thing, because Super Junior can't sing and their dancing is their only appeal. The song sounds a bit like a slowed-down "Bonamana" too. 

I would say about 85% of the performance was live which is rare for a comeback stage. I was very pleased with it, though. And do you hear those chants? I think the female population of South Korea agrees with me. Mainly when that red-head is being all sexy lifting his shirt and stuff. B-b-b-bounce b-b-b-bounce!

I was really really into B.A.P when they released their debut smash "Warrior." I thought it was a refreshing for the KPop scene, I thought they were awesome and carried their performances very well. "Power is such a disappointment, though! It sounds the same to me, there's no progression, nothing really new buy that useless guitar riff. If you watch the performance it's like you're watching "Warrior" again. Yawn, snooze, etc and don't get me wrong, their concepts are really amazing, but it's the same concept twice. Music Video (link here)

They are going to have to switch it up if they want to succeed in this crazy KPop world. Great vocals / performance won't help them if they don't release something different soon. We get bored of the same sound easily.

Now I saved the best for last. F.CUZ apparently went on an extended hiatus and added two new members (don't ask me to point them out because I won't be able to) I remember the original line up was fine but not really "WOW" so I was more than excited to see the new guys debut. Their latest title track is called "No. 1" and it is a certified hit. The intro is fucking money! Seriously, besides "Roly Poly" I think this has one of the best intros in KPop. Their music video (link here) is amazing, it has a very cool concept. The choreography is on point, they hit every single sharp move so flawlessly, from that shoulder / neck move to the hand gestures. And then the live performance happened. 

Ok, so the guy with the intro decides to not sing live at all, even though he is the leader, and the only rapper, and that the only part he has in the song is the intro fragment. But nope, he decided everyone else can sing live but him. Oh and let's not forget he doesn't even mime the part he's supposed to be "singing" Someone really needs to make him sing live next time because I need to hear that bit live or I will have a panic attack. He is not about to ruin this song for me, I ain't having that! The performance was great though, the rest of the boys carried the vocals / choreography with no flaws in sight. The LED breakdown was flawless as well,  everyone was where they needed to be, everyone was on the same micro-movement. It's was stellar, brilliant, magnificent, fantastic baby!

I'm gonna have to get back to you and examine them one by one and decide who my I'm going to stan for (or as they say in Korea, my 'biased') LOL Koreans <3. I'm kinda worried it's going to end up being Jinon (the 'rapper') seeing as how he's the only name I can remember.
Either way...
"neon talla neon talla ttan yeojadeul-kwahneun talla neomu talla neomu talla ijen naman parabollae"

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