Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It comes as no surprise that Taemin is one of my faves from SHINee, him and Key can get it. SHINee is finally having a comeback after their "Sherlock" promotions have been long gone. They have decided to be experimental and try out this new "acid, electro, funk" sound and let me tell you, it paid off.

Let me dedicate this paragraph to SM Entertainment, though. SM, I'm gonna need you to stop using SHINee as your guinea pigs. We all know by now that "Sherlock" was a test to see if SNSD's "I Got A Boy" would do well or not. Or the fact that EXO (K &M) have copied SHINee and they still flop. SM, stop it, give SHINee their own style and stop handing it out to your other flops when you see SHINee makes it successful.

Anyway, "Dream Girl", I was kind of afraid they were going to rehash "Dazzling Girl" and just change the name but thankfully, they are two completely different tracks. "Dream Girl" is in fact a little funky, a little electro and some sort of acid. It's a refreshing sound for a boy band with enough cute to make them "flower boys"

The music videos, both original and dance version, are out now and they are everything.

"Dream Girl"

In this version, the boys play Illuminati puppets, making emotionless faces and wearing a lot of black and white patterned clothes. Illuminati aside, this video is everything. It's sassy, classy, nice and fierce all in one. I love the scenes with the spiral stairs that looks like they're falling and getting back  up. 

Also, my Queen, Taemin gets so much camera time. Definitely a treat for us Tea-fans. It's always a good song when Taemin starts it off. <3 p="">

"Dream Girl (Dance Version)"

This version has nothing really exciting happening, besides the best choreography your eyes will ever see. The mic work, the hip work, the hand work, it's flawless.

I kinda feel like a perv but Minho's butt, in those pants, is flawless. Great view.

Last but not least, our boys have received an ALL KILL* for their album, get them copies sold boys!

*All kill means they are #1 in all digital and retail stores.*

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