Wednesday, February 13, 2013


B.A.P are an amazing "rookie" boy group from South Korea. They debuted last year with a promising look and sound. After going off their style for their last singles, it seems they remembered why we liked them in the first place. They have recently released a T-Ara-esque music video for their amazing new comeback single "One Shot"

"One Shot", the music video, is very similar in theme as T-Ara's last four blockbuster videos. It's packed with a violent storyline, violent punches and some violent scenes, so it's pretty violent. The music video centers around one of them (whatever his name is), well he gets kidnapped and the rest of the members have to come up with $10,000 for the ransom. 

I won't spoil the end...mainly because it has two finales, one, might surprise you a bit. 

Another reason to watch the video is that it features three of their songs from the EP, so you get a good preview before you go and PURCHASE IT ON ITUNES!

As far as the song, it's their best single yet. It's not far from "Warrior" but it's so much better in every sense. Lyrically, amazing, sonically, amazing, catchy, amazingly amazing. I think they are one of the few groups that gives all of them the same amount of lines, no matter whether they are the maknae or the leader, and I appreciate that. #nobiasaloud *inside joke*

"One Shot (EP)" rose to the #1 spot on a couple of iTunes Hip Hop charts such as the USA and Canada, proving that the US can like something besides "Gangnam Style"

What are you waiting for?!? Go buy this epic EP on iTunes NAOOO!!!

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