Sunday, February 17, 2013


After the premiere of her overly-hyped HBO documentary, a successful super bowl performance; it seems Ms. Carter is ready to slay flop get her crown back from RihRih.

That Rihanna reign about to let up.

There have been rumors going on about Beyonce's new single since it was announced that she would perform at the Super Bowl. It seems that she is ready.

Not gonna lie, I did watch the HBO documentary and although I found it very... rehearsed, it was a still somewhat entertaining. It didn't have none of the bitchy attitude we all know she has or the shade she throws but it was still alright. 

In the doc, she talks about how she wants to reinvent herself and whatnot, who knows, she said the same thing about "4Flop" and then we ended up with a sampled song. 

Eh, whether we get a new Bey single on Tuesday or not, all I care about is that Hulu gets their shit together and posts the new "Queen of Ambition" (kdrama) eps faster.

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