Sunday, February 17, 2013


Some ratchet ass, wigless, moneyless, homeless, ass bitch from 2005 is coming for my Queens weave, claiming Britney HolySpearit doesn't sing in "Scream & Shout" by

Eve, most memorable from................................. she has like 3 fans (mom, sister and cousin) I don't know why anyone gives a fuck or why anyone is still having her do recording sessions, but the ho says she was there, or she heard, or some shit, main thing, she thinks Britney doesn't sing in "S&S"

Needless to say Britney fans have come full force. Calling her all sorts of names, like EveForehead (I just made that up, her forehead is on some serious level though, might actually beat out Rihanna)

No one is having it. Everyone is coming for your weave Eve.

Not all publicity is good publicity, didn't we learn that the hard way, Eve?

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