Monday, August 20, 2012


After T-Ara horrific controversy their label have decided to finally shut the fuck up about T-Ara so now they have them in soap operas or some shit. I don't really know how I feel about T-Ara as of now to be completely honest with you. Part of me, while drunk, loves the shit out of their tunes. But when I'm sober I remember all the accusations of those bitches being mean to my (second) Queen Hwayoung and I just wanna smack them in a face with a 10 inch dildo.

Before CCM decided to make this shit go bananas, T-Ara was supposed to comeback August 15th. Well, it's August 20th and that "Sexy" song (aka Roly Poly 4.0) is still NOT RELEASED and this is my cry to get CCM to get their shit together. Re-recording a fucking rap is not the hardest thing to do and seeing as how Bully-unjung and Slut-yomin were rappers in the beginning of T-Ara, I completely don't understand why this needs to be dragged out.

Is CCM that stupid? Do they not know that giving us a hot as fuck single is gonna make us forget the fact that all those cunts are cunty ass bully bitches? 

Ugh... I'm gonna go rape the replay button out of "Lovey Dovey"....

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