Wednesday, August 29, 2012


B.o.B knows how to make things work. He's not an idiot. He knows he's not a solo singles' artists, that's why he always has the hottest bitches in town to feature in his songs and make the hits, bonafied hits. This song is so much fun and I'm so glad it got the video treatment. 

Nicki Minaj puts this bitch in his place in his own damn song. B.o.B spends his first verse talking about how he doesn't need a feature and Nicki comes out of nowhere saying "you don't need a feature? n*gga i'm the feature" telling homegirl B.o.B that he needs to realize Ms. Minaj is THE FEATURE and that she's here to reign.

Also, I love the illuminati little stab Nicki takes during her verse. I did a little research (shut up, I can research, I just choose not to lol) anyway, in her verse she says "you know I graduated with summa cud laude, that's why they be thinking I'm illuminati" for all you flops out of there who don't know what 'summa cum laude' is lemme tell you, it's the highest ranking you can get when you graduate from any institution (college, grad school, law school, etc) So she's pretty much telling our stupid asses "bitches I'm smart as fuck that's why you think I'm illuminati cuz you can't handle my knowledge" GENIUS! Someone give this bitch a Grammy now!

The video is fucking insane. It takes place in a asylum with B.o.B acting all psycho and delusional. Nicki during her verse plays a sexy Dr. who is trying to seduce and liberate B.o.B but at the end she backs out and leaves the room all "omg I can't do it!" CUTE!

Some people are hating on the video, I tell those people "go suck T.I.'s hasbeen coked up dick" cuz I love this video, Nicki's ass looks delicious, B.o.B. is finally rapping, and they're acting stupid and crazy, I'm sold!

The outro for this song / video is creepy though "but if I'm here and you're there and I'm here and you're there and I'm here and you're there..." I also love this because it takes a bit of Die Antworrd's "I Fink U Freeky" at the end with the whisper. Anyway, watch the video, it's cute.

Sadly the song has no Top 40 appeal and will probably flop harder than GaGa's last three singles combined, blended and multiplied by 10.

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