Monday, August 20, 2012


Oh Super Junior, Super Junior, where do I start? Siwon is the best thing that's happened to you and you're totally underusing him for some stupid reason. I usually love the shit out of Super Junior, because their comeback singles all sound like "Sorry Sorry" and their re-release singles are usually better than baby Jesus coming down to give you a kiss on the cheek...but they made a huge mistake with "Spy"...........

First let's talk about the ok things they did. The choreography is making me jizz harder than Ke$ha when she met Mick Jagger. I also love the instrumental, it's fucking moneyyyyyyyyyyyyy (Yes, the multiple Ys are not a mistake.) Another thing they did well is they gave the fat guy a three line rap and the rapper a hook. I don't know who's making these decisions but it's brilliant. It shows that the least interesting members can actually be not so less interesting than Siwon. Also, I love the hairstyles, they are the most ridiculous things I've ever seen in my life and I love them. The half parted mushroom hairstyle, I love it!

Another thing they did great was the hook, which is not really a hook, it's more like a... thing. "I got you, little runaway!" Why do they got me? I don't know! Why am I running away? I have no clue, if anything I'd be running closer to Siwon to have him hug me with those guns he has for arms! 

Now let's talk about the shit they did wrong. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY HUSBAND SIWON!?!?!??!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!! Where is he because I can't see him at all! And all those shirtless pics of the other members (SM you are really trying but) are not distracting me from the fact Siwon's beautiful face is nowhere to be seen. I understand you're trying to make the official leader of the group the more famous but... let's be honest here, we're all drooling over Siwon's abs and I don't care about the rest. Also, the fact you didn't give your official rapper a decent rap is just wrong, who are you? T-Ara?

Anyway, Siwon's beautiful face thanks you for your time and wants to let you know that hopefully next time you see him he will be shirtless. kthanksbye.

If you don't like SuJu, it's fine, but if you don't like my husband Siwon, GTFO! He >>>>> your slutty boyfriend tbh.

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