Thursday, July 2, 2015


If you know me, you know I love me some Selena Gomez. She's my favorite Disney star and thankfully she continues to release great music. "Good For You" is one of the sexiest tunes Selena has released in years. "Good For You" is like the evil, thot twin of "Come & Get It" If "Come & Get It" was slutty, "Good For You" kicks it in the face and then takes its' significant other. Song be cruel and boss like that.

"Good For You" sees Selena stepping into some serious sex talk. The classy young lady starts the song with a very modest confession "I'm in my 14 carats, I'm a 14 carat..." well damn girl is the stuff in between your legs that bomb-digitty? She continues her confession with "so good... so good. Make you never wanna leave" She's got my attention. "so don't" she tells me next... I wasn't going anywhere Selena.

The chorus is where the real 14 carats be at, though. "Let me show you how proud I am to be yours. Leave this dress a mess on the floor and still look good for you..." invitation accepted, RSVP confirmed! The way she sings "and still look good for you" makes me second guess my stand on my sexual orientation. The chorus is repetitive as fuck, but in a good way. She's found happy medium between catchy and annoying (take notes Carly Rae Flopsen)

The rap... it's actually kind of funny that Selena is the horny one in the song. "A$AP Rocky" or whatever his name is over here being like "let me not ruin your reputation..." girl bye. Did you hear the track before you wrote your rap? Or did you base it off her Disney persona? He goes on and on about how he wants her to keep her zippers up... sigh... not here for that bro... you're ruining the mood. The rap gets a little better towards the end, but is it too late for redemption? I mean I don't even remember I think he says something about her doing it good or whatever. Nothing we hadn't figured out from the verses and chorus. There's an radio edit without him in it and needless to say...

In some seriousness. The song is iconic and poetic. She is expressing how every single horny teenage girls and boys feels when their boyfriend (or girlfriend) is hot as hell. You know the feeling, don't front, you see your boo thang and (s)he looking hot as hell and you're like "why do I still have clothes on?" seconds later "bye clothes!!!" That's exactly what happens every time I listen to this gem. Minus the naked part cuz I'm the reincarnation of the Forever Alone meme.

The video is kinda boring, though. It's just her sitting on some sofa. I guess you can't have it all. It's racked up some serious views because the song is so bomb. I think people are just replaying the video (with the tab minimized) to hear the song. You know those who can't afford iTunes or don't know how to download illegally. You know who you is.

The rapper is not in the video, though. Like at all. So that's a tiny plus.

"Good For You" is officially the highest selling single from 2015 with a whooping 179,000 copies sold. That's a hell lot of honey people. It also debuted at #9 on the Hot 100 making it (I think) her highest first week debut. "Good For You" dethrones her friend's T-Swizzle's "Bad Blood" which also featured some other rapper.
That Selena reign just won't let up!!!!


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