Friday, September 6, 2013


G-Dragon could not let Seung Ri have his 10 seconds of fame. The devil of KPop came back this week with some hot ass mess of a three part EP shit. He has a song with Missy Elliot, Sky Ferreira, some girl named Jenny... I don't know I can't keep track. All I know is that I'm sick of him and he hasn't even debuted on variety shows.

"Niliria" his dumb-as-fuck song with Missy Elliot is your typical try-hard "Hip Hop" KPop song. It's so try hard and repetitive. "like what what what what what what what what"... I mean if you're gonna have a repetitive hook at least sing it in Korean so I don't know what you're singing cuz let's be real, I ain't googling the translation for this hot ass mess.

"Black" featuring Sky Flopreira is a snoozefest. He is trying to show various sides of his Lil' Wayne alter ego but I already left, I'm already on the "I don't give a fuck about G-Dragon train" and I ain't making no U turn.

Sadly the mofo is outselling Seung Ri, Kara (who have been labeled the "new T-Ara" based on their controversy, hahahahaha) and every other bitch in the game. It's so sad.

I'm not even gonna post the music video or performance video, I don't want him to get more video views, that's the last thing we need.

Pretty much the same madafaka if you ask me. I am in a bad mood today, damn.

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Caspier X sada said...

U guys r roking.