Friday, September 6, 2013


Teen Top are back and catchier than ever! The boys have ditched their vocals, their manly theme, their boyish theme, their lyrics, their everything... and it's the best thing they have ever decided to do! After many attempts at proving to be more than just a cute group, the holy fivesome came back last week with the addictive and super repetitive title track "Rocking"... and they already won their first KPOP trophy! When will your faves?

"Rocking" literally has like 10 non-repetitive lines and sadly Niel (or whatever the fuck you spell it) sings most of them. But, shade aside, his autotune voice is hot and so are the rest of the group. My husband and future father of my kids, C.A.P. only gets 3-4 lines but you know what, I ain't even mad cuz I still get to stare at that cute face when they perform. 

My thoughts exactly Chunji

The music video already has over 1.4M views, which is a lot for a non SM artist. Speaking of the music video. It's a fun roller coaster. The choreography is sharp, the visual is appealing and the background set isn't half as bad. 

What really sells it for me, is their charisma. They know they are singing gibberish, I don't need to speak Korean to know that, but they are singing and dancing to it like it's the next "Thriller" and I appreciate that. LIE TO ME, I don't need to know these lyrics are dumb.

Their comeback stages have been their best so far! While performing "Don't I", the three members who usually get overshadowed (Ricky especially) finally get more than one line. Ricky actually gets to sing a lot (well "rap") and it's a nice change of pace. It also doesn't hurt that "Don't I" is a flawless master-fucking-piece and that my other husband (don't tell C.A.P) and future father of my bastard children sings like a fucking angel. Chunji, just make a home under my bed and stay there forever. You don't need to be a successful kpop star!

*Ricky trying to sing along to the loud backing track, I CAN'T! It's too perf!*

OMG, the best hidden gem though is "Oh Good!" - IT IS SO GOOD! It sounds a lot like "Rocking" but I don't give no shits. My shits bank has been over-drafted and I don't plan on paying the madafakin' bank fees.

If you live in the US or anywhere, buy this album if your country has iTunes because the songs are flawfree, the album isn't though, you better fucking pay for it. They're not gonna become the next 'NSYNC by the fucking miracle of life.

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