Friday, September 6, 2013


Ariana Grande is set to destroy every other pop star in the planet this week when her fantastic debut album "Yours Truly"comes out. The already iconic debut album (that brought us the irresistible "The Way") is set to break all first week sales by a Disney / Nickelodeon star and not to mention a couple of singles-artist, album flop bitches.

"Baby I" sees her in a cute girl-next-door type of scenario. She's being cute on top of a car, she's being cute dancing with some hot guys around her, she's being cute trying to get down and durty. She's being cute. But also, the soon to be singer of the 21st Century, brought some sexy meat to this picnic. She's seen in really tight and small shorts and shirts. 

OMG SHE IS TINY AS FUCK. GURL, go eat a burger! Damn.

"Baby I" hasn't hit the high that "The Way" did, but once this video gets some YouTube clips and a couple of parodies, you will hear this everywhere.

AND, can we just talk about those iconic, non-repetitive lyrics? She is bring that A game here, non of that dumb-lyric shit, okay, don't get it twisted!

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