Saturday, April 13, 2013


Psy has a lot to live up to. He had one of the catchiest song of 2012, undoubtedly the most listened song in history and the most watched video in history, your favez accomplishments are out the door. So when he announced that his follow up single was going to finally be released, there is a lot of expectations.

Sonically, the song is a mixture of "Gangnam Style" and 2NE1's "I Am The Best". Lyrically it's "Gangnam Style 2.0" but with more repetitive lyrics. 

The swag has been upped a notch and so has the cursing (one word, damn). One thing that the song isn't missing though is the catchy and addictive lyrics. It's so catchy. The instrumental is also pretty good in my opinion. I listen to a lot of KPOP so I'm used to this, but, you American folk might find this a little bit weird because.... it's in Korean and whatnot.

The music video premiered today and it is everything. It's really funny and gay. Let me explain the gay parts. There's a scene in the video where it looks like these three guys are humping each other and then there's girls dancing on top of girls. Super gay, but, I mean, I'm obviously ok with it. The funny parts are funny, not in a "Gangnam Style" way but in a Jackass way. Where "GS" was funny and sort of a parody, "G" is just straight up rude and crude. He farts in his hand and then puts his hand in someone's face. He pulls people's chairs and throws kids' soccer balls. I mean, the dude is a fucking mess.

Obviously this would not be a follow up if it didn't have a sexy lady, which it does. This time around the job is for. Here's a pic.

*Not from the actual video, but, you are very welcome.*

Ok, I'm back. So Ga-In who is actually sexy for being sexy and she's actually a talented singer, songwriter, dancer and part time stripper, looks fucking sexy as fuck in this video. Towards the end they kind of fall in love (with Psy) because she starts pulling pranks on him as well and well that's what true love is.

The choreography, after reading a couple of comments I do see the similarities between this and "Abracadabra" (funnily enough that is one of Ga-In's group's songs) but the other part of the choreo, the side horse dance is fierce.

I'm very happy with the music video. I think it's funny and different, but, at the same time it still got that parody feel to it. Many will say this isn't as good as "Gangnam Style" and well, that might be right. "Gangnam Style" was new, it was funny because no one had done it, it was in a way inventive, so realistically speaking, nothing will ever top that.

The video already has over a 250K 4.2 MILLION views so... Alagamun-lan!

*The "Gangnam Style" yellow suit dude makes a HILARIOUS cameo.*

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