Sunday, April 7, 2013


It is not Ke$ha's week. First her "Woohoo" leaked and now we have "What The Hell Is Wrong With Me" and "Pretty Lady". That last one though sounds very fan-made, but, it's the first time yall have heard the full version (I think)

"What The Hell..." is right, poor Ke$ha. "WTHIWWM" is a very old demo she probably will never use but "Pretty Lady" was meant for "Warrior" and after a clip leaked ages ago, the song was scrapped which is sad because the full song is fab.

I don't like "What The Hell..." because it's just old and gross so I"m gonna focus on "Pretty Lady" I love "Pretty Lady" I like the vibe, I like the vocals and I like the lyrics. "Shake that ass, girl!"

It's too bad that "Pretty Lady" was not added to "Warrior", I can actually see this song doing mildly well on the charts. The fact it features a drag queen, that the song is about a drag queens and that she's somewhat of a gay icon would have definitely given this song some spins at the clubs. 

Here's hoping it goes on the a future re-release because K$ really needs a hit right now.

"I'm a real woman!"

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