Sunday, September 2, 2012


 The Queens of South Korea faced the harshest backlash last month when they decided to kick out one of their best assets, Ms. Hwayoung. After that a shit ton of accusations came out saying some of the members bullied Hwayoung, that some of the members fed her rice cakes in Japan to humiliate her, and all this other shit. I stopped paying attention mid-way because I was fed-up. All I cared about what that Queen Qri, aka Qri Pretty, aka the cutest thing since the Charlie bit me video, was not involved in those accusations.

Anyway so a month passed and this couldn't be a better time to release this phenomenal comeback single. 

 CCM is trying to distract / focus the fans' attention into what really matters, T-ara's manufactured musical goods and the fucking bitches know how to hypnotize us. "Sexy Love" is the "Roly Poly" of mid-2012. It's got the same kind of undertone rhythm, with new beats and synths thrown in there to make it sound current and flawless. God, the little sound that sounds like someone is farting is GIVING ME LIFE!!!! I was actually joking with my aunt saying that sounds is the same thing clowns use in El Salvador when they're first coming into the stage....... it's so true though.

T-Ara went and released two of their 3 music videos alongside the BTS of "Sexy Love." Let's discuss the "Dance Ver."

All I can say is "Can I get #002?" Damn, Qri looks fucking sexy as fuck in that short green bob. Dammmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnn sit on my face you sexy bitch!! Besides her, the second hottest is oddly Boram, homegurl better give her surgeon a nice little tip because she is looking all sorts of gangbang worthy and I don't even bias for her. The rest of the video is mainly of them being sexy robots doing their sexy robot-shuffle dance (don't think I didn't notice how ya bitches walk backwards when you do the robot dance, my rehash Queens ;) ) But can we go back to how fucking sexy as fuck Queen Qri looks? Damn, homegurl just make me your slave now, you can forcefully feed me rice cakes in Japanese variety shows any second of the day!

Now let's look at the 15 10 minute part 2 of their music video drama titled "Mirage"

So last time we saw Dani she was a 14 year old, now she's turned into Eunjung, power of television! Anyway, skank Jiyeon has turned the once sweet little thing into a killing machine not knowing that Hyomin is not actually dead and it's gonna make a comeback. I won't spoil it for you but at the end there's a three-way-sword fight and only one bitch comes out alive. I wish America's Next Top Model always ended this way. 

"I have three beautiful girls in front of me, but only one will be America's Next Time Sword Model." 

My only complain is that Qri was heavily underused, that Eunjung was overly used and that Ahreum doesn't actually sing that rap... come on bitches we ain't that stupid, that's Hwayoung's voice!

Sexy eyes, sexy nose, sexy mouth, don't you know??!?!

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