Monday, September 24, 2012


I don't know how they do it, I don't know where they do it but these two guys have been making some ear-raping, body shaking, limb breaking records that are fierce, innovative and addictive (God, I've never used so many fucking adjectives in my fucking life!)

Anyway, the hot and sexy duo just released their new Korean album "Catch Me" with the title track's music video being released today and I am in heaven.

Yunho and Max really have grown to compliment each other, each picks up where the other left off, if it's not the dancing, it's the singing or the charisma, they are pure perfection, there is seriously no flaws or body fat in those two.

"Catch Me" is a bit of an electro / dubstep / dutch Euro pop invasion, it's a roller coaster. The song is like three diferent songs in one, you go from really fast to dubstep to regular pop all in 4 and so minutes. I gotta hand it to SM, they really do keep the best songs for TVXQ and SHINee. 

The music video is beyond belief. The choreography is insane and the imagery is on some other level shit. The outfits didn't make sense to me until they did that snake / anaconda illusion thing with their arms and I was like, where the fuck did that shit come from? And then I noticed and I was like :O SHUT THE FUCK UP, they can't be THAT creative.

For those complaining that this is another box video, you can go suck a donkey. This video is seriously amazing, it's one of the best choreographies I've ever seen and the most creative video to come out of SM, so if you don't like it, bye.

Just watch it for yourself and tell me how much you love these two.

I for one want Max to make babies with me, they will be the most age-eating, biracial, cutest things since baby Jesus. Max, call me. lol

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