Friday, October 11, 2013


I love T-Ara and I love their comeback single "Number 9", but as time goes on, I keep having this frustration with whoever the line arranger is. Soyeon is by no means the strongest vocalist in the group but somehow she gets the most lines... ever. More than Eunjung and Hyomin who are far better vocalists than her, heck even Boram is kicking everyone's ass in that department with her flawless vocals and raps.

Soyeon is your typical KPop singer, she isn't a great vocalist, she isn't the visual, she isn't the most popular and she for sure isn't the most likable, so it baffles me that comeback after comeback she keeps getting the most lines. For the past year and a half I used to let it slide because she was the leader at the time, but Qri took over this past summer and she still has the most lines.

I get her voice is appealing for choruses and hooks, but she can't sing live. She sings along to the backing track as badly if not worst than Qri (and my Queen can't sing to save her life.)

To compare.

Day by Day

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? She gets the bridge and that's what she decides to sing? And Qri and Boram get TWO LINES. THE ACTUAL FUCK?

Sexy Love

Yes, I can feel your love, I can't feel or hear your vocals though boo. And again Qri gets like no lines. 

Number 9 

O.o What is this? At least Qri has an excuse, she was originally going to be a model, not a singer. She was added to the group with out the years of training Soyeon had. What's your excuse Soyeon? 

My only request is that CCM gets their shit together and give Qri and Boram more lines. Especially Qri since she's the new leader. 

There's no excuse to why Soyeon has so many lines.


Anonymous said...

Yes I completely agree!!!! I've been following T-ara for the past two years and I think Boram is one of the strongest singers in the group. However she hardly gets any lines. Qri may not be the strongest singer but she is still pretty good and deserves to get more recognition. There equal singing in the group like Girls Generation and 2ne1

Anonymous said...

You do realize that every single word in this is a SUBJECTIVE OPINION, right? With all those choice of words, personal bias included, and those bad-moments-selected video :) Thanks for your outspoken concern for our Soyeon but, we T-ara (real) fans and Soyeon fans know that she will forever be T-ara's MAIN Vocalist. Simply because she's the one who deserves it. We know better. Than you. That's all i have to say. Cheers. :)